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Lisi and Pixi

Memo to the owner. You'll have a puppy.

  • Before you bring your Puppy into the house, you need to create a safe environment for him. 

  • Preparing your home for the appearance of a tiny dog is not much different from preparing for the arrival of a baby. Like a small child, a puppy is curious and unable to distinguish between a toy and a dangerous object. Puppies try everything on their teeth: shoes, pots of flowers, wires. This can not only depress the owner, but also harm the dog's health.

  • A puppy can accidentally swallow small objects left in plain sight, which can lead to injury, poisoning and even death. Therefore, it is better to keep all small things in special tightly closing containers. 

  • Hide your shoes in the closet: puppies like to lick and bite it. 

  • Place wires and cables out of reach. 

  • Medicines, detergents and other chemicals also should be kept out of reach.

  • Place floor pots with flowers higher: the puppy will always be happy to dig up the ground, scatter it, and also try to taste it, which can lead to inflammation of the intestines. Often indoor plants are toxic to dogs and can cause serious and even fatal poisoning.

What does a Puppy need? 

  • Puppies usually need a cozy bed, food, toys and a loving host. Of course, every good owner knows they need something else: a harness and a leash, a carrying bag, food bowls, hairbrushes, shampoo, etc. All this can be purchased in pet shops and supermarkets. Perhaps something useful for the dog will be found among the old children's toys.


Hello, I am your new BEST FRIEND!

Please read some key points about me.​

  1. My life only lasts ten, fourteen years. Don't be mad at me for long.