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     PaAllaSTARS is a kennel of professional dog breeders of the Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Terriers, Goldasties, and Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers, with over 15 years of experience. On our account already more than 200 happy owners of puppies in Russia and abroad. With many owners, we keep a friendship.

      Our dogs received an excellent dog education - defended the championship titles and became the winners. We have a lot of "children and grandchildren" of champions.

       As breeders, we believe that the main thing in breeding is the physical and mental health of your pet.

     In our kennel you will buy healthy, already passed a course of vaccinations, puppies with the veterinary passport (sale of puppies is carried out only from two-month-old, after the first course of vaccinations). We provide lifelong qualified assistance, tips and advices on further rearing and maintenance of puppies.

    If you like your puppy, but for some reason you can't pick him up right now and you don't want someone else to buy him, you can BOOK him from us. At the time of booking, a deposit of 30% of the puppy's price will be required.

   We always have a large selection of puppies, so you will definitely find "the one, only this one and your unique"! 


We are forever responsible for those who have been tamed!

Our Kennel

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