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Runa & Raf

  • The race is bred by the couple Werner and Gertrude Biewer. The aim of the work was to create a mentally balanced companion dog, unpretentious in care and maintenance. In 2007, the breed standard was officially recognized. Biewers were originally bred as a decorative race for pleasure and exhibition career. The dogs are easy to train. Dogs are very miniature, their height is about 22 centimeters in the withers, weight - 2-3, 5 kg.   

  • Biewers are active, gentle and contact animals with balanced psyche and easy-going character. Aggression of this breed is unusual. They communicate well with their relatives, other pets are loyal to them. They are not afraid of loud foreign sounds. Being real companion dogs, they try to accompany the owner constantly. They can spend a long time in a traveling bag or sit quietly on the owner's lap.

Golddast York, Golden York, Golden Dust

  • In Russia, Golddates came from Germany and the Czech Republic more than 6 years ago. The biologist Kirsten Sanchez-Meyer, studying regularities of birth of puppies with golden wool, has found out that it is a result of a gene mutation - pigment Phaemelanin and gives this warm shade of wool. The gene is recessive and therefore rarely appears. The breed is recognized by the International Kennel Union (IKU; SCOR). Registered with IBC (International Biewer Yorkhire Terrier Club), IKU (International Kennel Union) and DHS (Deutsches Hunde Stambuch). Recognized by SCOR in Russia. The standard of the breed does not differ much from the classical beavers: the eyes can be lighter, the color - from white-gold to even gold color with re-light, weight - from 2 to 3.6 kg (but it is allowed up to 5 kg).

  • The nature of a Golddast is not much different from that of a Biewer - it's a cheerful, very sociable and good-natured dog. Maybe more mobile and open, no nervousness, aggression or caprice. Wool absolutely does not molt, has no smell. The doggy is suitable for families with children, dogs and cats - they will definitely find common ground. 

Chocolate york

  • Chocolate York is a newly developed, very interesting variety of Yorkshire Terriers. Currently, this breed is on the verge of official recognition and, most likely, in a few years chocolate york will be officially recognized, as it has already happened with the Biewer Yorks.

  • The size of the Chocolate York is the same as that of the other varieties of this breed, weighing no more than 3.1 kg. Mini: weight from 1.5 to 2.6 kg. Super-mini or micro: weight from 1 to 1.5 kg. The Chocolate York does not seem to differ from its standard kin, except for its color. Chocolate York can be colored in any brownish shade: from pale brown to "bitter chocolate". In terms of health, Chocolate Yorkshire is not much different from other varieties of this breed and their life expectancy is the same. Life expectancy does not depend on colour, but on the size of the dog: standard chocos live 15-20 years, but mini and micro life expectancy is shorter.

  • The character is not much different from that of a biewer. These dogs are cute, friendly and sociable, and can make friends with any animal living in the house, as well as with children. They are smart and well trained. 

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