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  • What is the life expectancy of Yorks and Biewers?
    15 or 17 years.
  • What is the weight of an adult York/Biewer?
    Up to 4 kg.
  • Do Yorkies/Beiwers shed?
    These dogs don't shed. You won't have to take hairs out of tea or salad or use extra care products for clothing and carpeting. Even people with allergies have no contraindications to dealing with these breeds.
  • How often should I wash my dog?
    It is enough to wash once in two weeks with properly selected shampoo and conditioner.
  • How do dogs feel about children?
    They're just like kids: they're funny, sometimes hooligans and they don't like to be scolded. They're willing to frolic with a child for hours and become inseparable friends.
  • Do they get along with other dogs?
    They do, with both big and small dogs.
  • Will York/Biewer and cat live without problems together?
    These dogs will get along with any pet, but you need to consider the specifics of each animal.
  • Are Yorkies/Biewers easy to train?
    Yes, they are very smart and easy trained dogs.
  • What health problems do York/Biewer have?
    These dogs may have health problems for the same reasons as all other animals, i.e. unbalanced nutrition, lack of movement, stress, etc.
  • What kind of difficulties can arise with Biewers?
    The main difficulty faced by Biewer owners is keeping the white color in a neat look. You can solve this problem with cosmetics. The breeder will help you choose the right ones. For many owners, it becomes difficult to care for dog's long hair over time. In this case, give your pet a trendy haircut that will highlight its beauty.
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